It is no surprise that more grilling accidents happen during summer than at any other time of year. People often grill meals outside in warmer weather because it doesn’t heat up the house like cooking indoors does. It also makes for a fun way to gather outdoors with friends and family. Follow these grilling safety tips so you can enjoy grilling this summer while protecting people and your property.

Grilling Safety Tips: Check the Grill

Check the grill before you light it, no matter whether it’s charcoal or gas. Clean it if there is still residue on the grates from the last time you used it.

For gas grills, check that the hose connections are secure and that there are no leaks. An easy way to tell if the hose has a leak is to rub a soap and water solution over the hose before turning the gas on. If there is a leak, the soap will bubble to show where the gas is leaking out.

Choose a Safe Location for Grilling

The grill should be placed on a flat, even surface when in use. If your grill is on a wooden deck, place a fireproof grill mat underneath. Make sure that there are no obstructions over the grill, like a roof, awning, or low-hanging tree branches.

Wear Appropriate Grilling Clothes

Grilling can become dangerous when your loose clothing or apron strings hang down into the flames. Tie long hair up in a bun, wrap apron strings multiple times, and wear short sleeves. Loose-fitting clothing can catch on fire and cause burns.

Grilling Safety Tips: Pay Attention While Grilling

When grilling, there are many things to pay attention to, like keeping an eye on the food and making sure not to overload the grill or let anything burn. Designate another adult to supervise kids and pets at all times. A small child may reach up and touch a hot grill, and dogs playing in the yard could run into it and knock it over. Prevent accidents by teaching kids to stay away from the grill area while it’s in use.

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