Reasons to Order a Home Inspection on New Construction

When you build a brand new home, you expect everything to be in great shape. After all, as the first occupants of the home, countertops, floors, appliances, and other systems should be perfect. You may think an inspection is unnecessary, however, there are several good reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

Contractors and Subcontractors

When you decided to build a house, you did your research and chose a builder who had a reputation for being trustworthy and honest. The builder subcontracts out much of the work on the home and each subcontractor will hire a team of workers who focus on specific areas. For instance, you’ll have plumbers, electricians, framers, roofers, and a separate team to install the flooring.

With this many people on the job, it’s impossible for your builder to thoroughly review all of the work that is completed. Mistakes can happen or defective materials may be used. When you order a home inspection, your inspector will look for any issues, problems, or safety concerns in the new home.

Have Repairs Made Before Closing

A home inspection on new construction will identify any issues with the build. The inspector will conduct a thorough assessment of the property and all components. You’ll feel good knowing any defects found will be repaired by the builder before closing. Your house will be move-in ready and you won’t have to deal with construction crews in your living spaces after taking ownership of the home.

Save Money with a Home Inspection on New Construction

You invested a lot of money into having your dream home built. You don’t want to turn around and spend more money on repairs and home improvements. Protect your purchase and your bank account by hiring a home inspector before your final walkthrough with the builder. Any defects that are found can be addressed before you move into the home.

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