Boat docks are an easily overlooked feature of any waterfront home. They’re a convenience when you live lakeside, but no one thinks about updating the dock when the rest of the house is undergoing renovations. With a few upgrades, you can transform the dock into an attractive addition to your property. Here are a few easy ways to improve your boat dock.

Improve Your Boat Dock: Add Impact Protection

A boat is an expensive investment, so protecting them from damage is important. Impact bumpers around the dock are an easy way to protect watercraft from slamming against the dock in rough water or strong wakes. Many solutions, such as rub-rail bumpers or pontoon fenders, can be added to any existing dock structure.

Install Lighting

When navigating to the dock in the dark, new lighting makes it easy to find your spot and adds an aesthetic touch to improve the space. Solar-powered LED lights are inexpensive and simple, requiring no wiring or batteries, and easily affixed to the dock with a few screws. If you have an awning or canopy over the dock, hang string lights to illuminate the area. Lighting improves safety for you and your guests when coming in from an evening on the water.

Improve the Boat Dock with a Lounge Area

Your dock is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. Adding a lounge with comfortable seating and tables will help you make the most of your time on the water. With outdoor furniture, a few pillows and blankets, and an umbrella or awning for shade, you can create a relaxing space perfect for entertaining. Include a grill and Bluetooth speakers, and you won’t even have to take the boat to enjoy a great night with friends.

Install a Dock Locker

A dock locker is a place to organize boating accessories and safety equipment. It can also store towels, fishing poles, life jackets, and other items you may need when on the water. A lockable cabinet is ideal for security, allowing you to safely store valuable items without worrying about them getting stolen.

Updating the boat dock makes a difference in how you enjoy your waterfront property. Whether it’s adding impact protection, lighting, or seating areas to relax — there are plenty of ways to upgrade your dock and create an enjoyable outdoor space your family and friends can enjoy.

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