As you prepare to go on vacation, you’ll likely take extra steps to keep your home safe while you’re away since criminals target homes that look unoccupied. This article provides some easy strategies to keep your house secure.

Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

It is tough to have peace of mind on your vacation if you’re worried that your home and belongings aren’t safe. Make sure your vacation is as relaxing as possible by following these tips.

1. Hire a House-Sitter

If you’re just going away for a couple of days, you might not need a house sitter. However, for longer vacations, it’s a good idea to have someone stay at the house or stop by daily. Hire a house-sitter or ask a trusted friend or family member to stay over and keep your home safe. An occupied home deters criminals because they will see activity around the house and suspect someone is there.

2. Ask the Post Office to Hold Your Mail

If you can’t find someone to pick your mail up for you, contact the local post office and ask to stop all mail delivery. Local post offices will hold mail between three and 30 days. You can make a request online for the post office to hold your mail.

3. Make the House Look Lived In

Burglars are always on the lookout for vacant homes. While you’re away on vacation, it’s important to make your house look lived in. Before leaving, set up your lights with timers that turn on and off at random times of the day.

Another option is to set up a smart home system that you can control from your phone. With this sophisticated technology, you can control lights, TVs, window blinds, and more from wherever you are.

4. Keep Your Garden Trimmed

Another clear sign that you’re not at home is an unkempt lawn. If you’re away for a week or longer, your lawn will look overgrown and neglected. Keep your home safe on vacation by arranging to have your lawn mowed and the landscape cared for every week you’re away. This way, your home will look just like you never left.

5. Keep Your Home Safe With Locks

While locking up your home is an obvious way to keep your home safe, many homeowners miss this step. If there are any windows or doors that you typically keep unlocked, make sure these are locked up before you go on your trip. You can also replace any old or weak locks with strong, high-quality deadbolts.

Vacation should be carefree. As you prepare to spend time away on your upcoming vacation, make sure you follow best security practices around your home. For maximum security, invest in a monitored security system for your home. The above tips are smart and affordable ways to keep your home safe.

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