How to Know When You Need a New Roof

While there are many different kinds of roofing materials and designs, most homeowners can expect the roof to last for approximately 20 to 30 years. However, there comes a time when every homeowner needs to replace the roof. In this article, we’ll take a look at six common signs that you need a new roof.

Your roof has exceeded its lifespan.

One of the more obvious signs that your house needs a roof replacement is its age. Since lifespans vary, it’s important to get an accurate assessment from a professional. If your original roof was only projected to last 20 years and you’re coming up on 22 years, it’s time to look into getting a replacement. Even if everything looks to be intact, you don’t want to end up paying for a series of avoidable repairs.

The roof’s shingles are distorted.

Roof shingles should be resting flat when they’re in good condition. When homeowners notice shingles starting to buckle or curl, there’s a good chance the roof needs to be replaced. Over time, direct sunlight can damage the shingles, causing them to curl or crack and expose the materials underneath. Failing shingles can lead to water damage.

The roof valleys are worn out.

Roof valleys are the lowered area where two roof slopes come together. These sections collect rain, snow, and other debris before guiding them into the gutters below. With this increased exposure, roof valleys are more susceptible to leaks and damage than other areas of the roof.

If you see missing shingles in the valleys, it’s a reliable sign that you need a new roof. Don’t be fooled if other areas of the roof seem to be intact. These roof valleys receive significantly more wear and tear.

Your roof is missing shingles.

Strong winds, flying debris, poor installation, and other factors can cause a roof to lose a few shingles. While these repairs are relatively easy to make, you should always take a closer look to see if there’s an underlying issue.

If there are several missing shingles all over the roof, that’s a sign it might be time for a roof replacement. Missing shingles may be caused by roofing boards that are no longer secure, loose underlayment, and damaged fasteners.

Shingle debris is falling into the gutters.

Homeowners who notice rough granules in their gutters while cleaning them may need a new roof. Older or damaged shingles will start to shed these granules when reaching the end of their lifespan. From a distance, you might notice darker patches on your roof. This is another indication that granules are wearing off of your shingles.

Sunlight is coming through the roof.

Every once in a while, visit your attic and check for roof damage. Not all problems will be noticeable from the outside. If you notice light coming through the roof into your attic, that is a bad sign. Even the slightest cracks can cause water damage and decrease your home’s energy efficiency.

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