If your bathroom could use some updates, here are some easy ideas to remodel your bathroom that you can complete yourself over a weekend.

Change the Faucet

Replacing an outdated faucet is a quick and easy way to change the look of your sink. If your old faucet is rusting, leaky, or just out of style, you can install a new bathroom faucet in an afternoon.

Add New Cabinet Hardware

New hardware is inexpensive and easy to add to your bathroom. Shop for new drawer pulls online or at your local hardware store. Measure the distance between fasteners to make sure you purchase the correct size for the existing screw holes. You’ll only need a screwdriver and a few minutes to give your cabinets a fresh new look.

Install New Lighting to Remodel Your Bathroom

New light fixtures can change the look of a room. If your fixtures are old, dirty, or if the paint is flaking, trade them in for modern lighting. You’ll find plenty of options at a home improvement store.

If you’re on a budget, check second-hand shops or remove your old fixtures, clean them well, and spray paint them a new color. Textured spray paint can give life to old lighting fixtures by making them look brand new.

Frame the Mirror

Add some personality and color to your bathroom by installing a frame around a boring bathroom mirror. Use wooden trim or install stick-on tiles to create a bold frame and focal point for the room.

Remodel Your Bathroom with a Curved Shower Rod

Enjoy more room in the shower when you install a curved rod. These fixtures provide a bit of extra space by curving just outside of the line of the bathtub. Add matching shower curtain rings and a new curtain for more of an upgrade.

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