When summer transitions to autumn, it’s a good time to make some changes around your house. There are tasks to complete to help keep your home warmer and make it more efficient. Before cold weather arrives, be sure to test fire alarms, schedule a chimney cleaning, and take care of the exterior of your home. Here are 5 other things you can do to improve fall curb appeal.

Rake Leaves to Improve Fall Curb Appeal

One of the ongoing autumn tasks is raking leaves from your yard. As the trees drop their leaves, they cover your yard and make it look unkept. A layer of leaves also keeps sunlight from reaching the grass, which it needs to stay healthy. Rake leaves often and bag them up or put them in a compost pile.

Paint the Front Door

The front door is the focal point of the house, so paint it a welcoming color that draws attention to your entryway. Red and yellow are bold choices that also complement the changing leaves. A fresh coat of vivid paint on the front door improves fall curb appeal.

Plant Fall Flowers

Some of the most colorful flowers thrive well into the fall. Mums and asters are just a couple of the hardy blooms that are widely available at this time of year. Remove any dying flowers and foliage from your summer garden and replace it with autumn flowers and evergreens.

Pressure Wash to Improve Fall Curb Appeal

Rent a pressure washer during fall to clean features like the patio, sidewalk, and deck. These surfaces can become stained when leaves fall and start to decompose. After blowing off any debris, improve your fall curb appeal by pressure washing these areas of your property.

Clean Off the Roof

Autumn leaves will not only cover your yard, but they will also land on your roof. If possible, trim back overhanging branches so that fewer leaves will fall on your roof and in your gutters. Clean out your gutters in the fall so that rainwater drains properly away from the house. While you are up there, sweep leaves off the roof to improve fall curb appeal.

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